OoTD: Bringing back Summer – Mermaid Style

It’s not very often I get a nice cruisey day where I can wake up whatever time I want, do my exercise and grocery shopping in my own time, and just generally relax, so when they come I tend to appreciate it as much as I can!


As my first OoTD post, I wanted to wear a piece that was dear to my heart – my mermaid capsleeve bodysuit from Black Milk Clothing was my first body/swim and it still remains as one of my favourites! So versatile, you can wear it with cute denim cutoffs or long and flowy skirts. A really sweet feature about Black Milk Clothing is that when you upload a photo on Instagram, you can hashtag it and it’ll show up on the products page! It’s always such an awesome thing to be able to see how everyone else styles their pieces. Check out the Mermaid CSBS here – http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/bodysuits/products/mermaid-cap-sleeve-bodysuit

I remember a time last year when I went obsessive about owning a pleated maxi skirt and I was so happy when I found this one for super cheap in Glassons! It totally has an awesome summer vibe to it, and I seriously cannot wait for summer!!



The biggest thing I’m looking forward to in summer is and has always been being able to wear as little clothes as possible and soaking up all those nom nom sunrays! What are you faves things about summer?




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