OoTD: Skater Chicks Will Never Die

Sometimes when I can’t decide what to wear, I choose something that I haven’t worn in a long time, I set my mind furiously to wearing it and then style it accordingly. Last Sunday – It was my Mummy Catsuit from Black Milk Clothing 🙂


This mummy catsuit is one of my absolute faves and thats partially to because how hard it is to style! It’s so incredibly magical – it’s almost a sin to cover it up. I decided to put a dash of casual by covering up slightly with an old denim vest that I got from an Op Shop. My Big Litas from Jeffery Campbell are my usual go to staple shoes as well – I love them because they can be grunge or glammed. They got dragged out to town the other night though and one of the eyelets fell out, nothing a bit of DIY couldn’t fix though 🙂 My awesome Catseye sunnies are from Max, I got them on sale at the outlet store, and so far I’m in love!


So a super exciting thing happened in the Sunday morning as well! My friend bought over her longboard and it was so incredibly fun and awesome! I’ve always wanted to feel like a cool skater chick (blame Avril Lavigne) but unfortunately, balance and I didn’t mix. So when I tried longboarding, and I got the hang of it pretty quick, I thought – pfft – skateboarding is so mainstream, longboarding is waaaaaay cooler and totally hipster. If skateboarding was ever mean to you, I definitely recommend trying out longboarding! I can’t wait to do more when the weather clears up.


As you can see above – I was extremely ecstatic that I was actually SUCCESSFUL on a longboard!

Over and out,



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