REVIEW: One Direction <3

Sorry I’ve been so slack at updating my blog! The last 2 weeks have been absolutely mental for me (You know, just the usual – shot the calender for Mr. Gay World and I went to Vegas!! – but thats a whole nother blog post baby ;)) So I’ll start with last night cos it seems the easiest.


As most of my friends know, I have a preeeeetty big fetish for boy bands, (Hanson or McFly anyone?!) so I found out that 1D were coming to NZ, my friend Alyssa and I were super keen to go, however – we never really acted on buying tickets uuuuuntil like 11.30pm last night!

Hands down – they were pretty freaking aweesome.


Choosing an outfit for 1D was surprisingly hard! Out of all the Black Milk I owned – I felt like none of it was relevant for them. I ended up choosing my usual go-to-super-hot-but-still-classy dress – The Gamer. I am definitely a super big fan of the BM Gamer dresses and now wish I owned all of them! They’re so classic but bold at the same time 🙂 Then we topped it off with a high pony and voila!


The set for 1D was absolutely freaking amazeballs! I really really like how they played with the screens and each song had its own different theme. Now musically – they weren’t the most amazing I have to admit, Zayn mostly did all the hard singing and then Harry would chime in from time to time with his smouldering tones. I felt that at times their energy was a bit flat and that they needed a wee bit more oomph. But they were drowned out by the screams of their adoring fans anyway, noone could really tell if they were a tad pitchy from time to time 🙂 It’s really cute to see them acting “real” by talking on stage to each other etc and their adorable little dances! Niall I have to say was so incredibly cute and fun and dorky – he’s definitely made himself my favourite 1D babe last night! Their stage presence was done really well and I can’t wait to see them again next year! It’ll be interesting to see how they grow as they mature.

If you’re into boybands as I am – 1D should definitely be on your list!

Over and out,