OoTD: All that tulle and tartan

_DSC6732 _DSC6739 _DSC6763 _DSC6758

I seriously cannot wait to rock this skirt this summer for christmas!

Always such a cool feeling when you find a cute little corner in your house and you take aaaall the photos

Skirt Black Milk Clothing Prima Donna Tulle Skirt Top Black Milk Clothing Tartan Yellow Nana Top 

Corset Asphyxia Couture Bespoke Waist Trainer 19″ Shoes Deandri Tequilas

– ❤ N.


5 thoughts on “OoTD: All that tulle and tartan

  1. You look very pretty and the skirt is adorable, I am a big tulle fan and I was actually searching for outfits with tulle skirts! 😀 guess I’ll be sticking around, nice to meet you ❤ xx

    • Aw thank you beautiful! Nice to meet you too! I’m absolutely obsessed with Black Milk Clothing and they just released these beautiful tulle skirts in their latest xmas collection – they’re more on the expensive side but they’re so well made it’s totally worth it! ❤

      • I am definitely checking them out. I’ve hear of them before but I didn’t visit the website idk why 😀 thank you for recommending them xx

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