REVIEW: Crave!

After a mad 2 weeks of working at both NZFW and Auckland Home Show, (don’t know what I was thinking) I agreed to do a shoot the very next Monday for the crazily talented Yolanda from Body FX for her collection of pasties and other delicious allsorts.

With a 8.30am start, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and made my way to Kingsland. For jobs, I like to get there super early to make sure my stuff is all sorted so that I take on some form of resemblance of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Arriving in Kingsland with 20 minutes to spare, I started marching around to look for the closest place I could get a hot chocolate and a small bite to eat when lo and behold, right in front of me was a massive black sign, with the word CRAVE – as if you needed a reason for coffee sprawled across it in orange neon lettering. Back tracking around the corner to find this cafe, I walked in, and that was it. I fell in love. It was officially my new favourite cafe and I hadn’t even ordered anything yet!

crave cafe



I was immediately drawn in with its awesome artsy vibe, but as hard as I looked, it didn’t have that Wellingtonion pretension to put me out! It was just, really really awesome and so utterly real and humble. It just was what it was. A large projector projected an America’s Cup Race whilst its visitors all sat by gently watching, sipping on their coffees and talking about the morning news. Tables were adorned with cute vintage mismatched teapots filled with sugar and the special of the day was written on an untuned TV, all while NZ curated art hung on it’s walls like a proud kiwi wearing his or her gumboots in the mud.



I mean SERIOUSLY. Look at it!! SPRINKLES! I would and will eeeeeasily make this my new all time fave hot chocolate, and trust me, I have tried A LOT. Crave Cafe obviously knew the quickest way to my heart!

I was so enthralled by the whole place that I had trouble putting together coherent sentences to the super lovely and awesome waitress who was patiently waiting for my order whilst I stood there gawping. By this point, I had completely forgotten where I was meant to be in about 5 minutes. They put my hot chocolate into a takeaway cup with absolutely no hassle, they even waited for me to take photos of the hot chocolate and the best part about it was, that at no point did they make me feel ridiculous for needing photo evidence of their amazing creation.

Best. Staff. Ever.

Crave is truly a hidden gem of Auckland and I am so happy that I stumbled upon it! If you’re ever in Kingsland, you have to check it out! Their website is and their facebook is

Twice a year, they close off the road that their on and have a wee party with live bands (woo!) I’ll check out the next one and let you guys know!

Lots of Love,


ps. I pretty much decided to start my blog just so that I could rave on and on about Crave!